Beginner WordPress Tutorial (Free 90-Minute ECourse)

Beginner WordPress Tutorial (Free 90-Minute ECourse)

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Beginner WordPress tutorial for anyone who wants to make a WordPress website or just create a beautiful blog without any coding. This will cover everything from hosting a website to building a blog to creating an online eCommerce store.

Again no computer knowledge necessary, this one is for total beginners.


17 Replies to “Beginner WordPress Tutorial (Free 90-Minute ECourse)”

  1. Hi Greg. Could you tell me if there is any way to rearrange the posts on my home page in the Virtue theme? Thanks.

  2. Very cool! How did you create the page / blog title script font “Beginner WordPress Tutorial” written in blue?

  3. Hi Greg, thank you so much for this tutorial. It really helpt me a lot. I’ve built a website following your steps and now I can make it my own. I do have one problem that I can’t solve. At my homepage, just below the blog sections there is still a functional bar and some tekst. It’s like my homepage (no matter, which page I set as homepage) has a bar and tekst that is pushed down because of the blog sections. It has no function for me but i can’t remove (or find….) it. 
    When I set my frontpage as you did it there is still the line: Latest post. 
    When I set, for example, my ‘New products’ (where my blog is also to be found) page as homepage than the titel New products shows up at the bottom of the homepage.

    I hope i’ve made myself clear.
    Can you please help me?

  4. Hi Greg following the tutorial. Had major power surge all the work has disappeared the theme virtue landed with blank front page any tips on restoring and starting over here.

  5. Hi Greg, once again thank you for this video. Thanks in large part to you I now have a website! One problem I am having that I can’t seem to figure out is how to have a featured photo show up when I share the url on Facebook, Google+ or other social media. If you can guide me I would sure appreciate it.

  6. Hi Greg,

    Theme Options, which you refer to at about 46 minutes into your presentation, seems to be absent from my version of WordPress. Do you know if it’s disappeared and we should go through Customize for each theme?

  7. Your cursor spinning around on the screen is annoying… there is no need to do that… it’s very distracting, trying to follow it around.

  8. Hey Greg, this has been so fun to follow along with. I’m just getting into blogging. On the homepage, your boxes were 2×2 but I cannot find how/where/what to change in settings to get this. Any advice?

  9. how did you get the upload theme to appear on your themes area because I downloaded the virtue theme also?

  10. I’m only on your tutorial about 15 minutes and have found your “delivery” extremely easy to follow….I eventually will have to switch to HostGator … but that would be too overwhelming right now ; ) I will let you know how “right” I got my website by the end …fingers crossed … THank you

  11. Fantastic and informative! Thank you so much. You have helped me start my business and get the project off the ground running.

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