Avada WordPress Tutorial Complete Customization

Avada WordPress Tutorial Complete Customization

This is a quick Tutorial on how to set up WordPress Avada Theme and customize it using the Fusion Page Builder. i will talk about setting up the revolution slider and various responsive sections and blog formats supported by the the theme
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24 Replies to “Avada WordPress Tutorial Complete Customization”

  1. I was wondering if anyone could tell me why it now doesn’t have an option to import demo content in my “General Tab” ? Thanks

  2. Thank you Asad for the knowledgeable Video 🙂 🙂 this was very helpful to know more on the Avada theme and your way to check & input css code …. Thank You

  3. Good video however I got this Avada Agency theme which starts off with a video on the header and I cannot find out where I can change the video and no youtubers can I find a tutorial on Avada where I can edit the video on the homepage header. any ideas?

  4. Hi!
    How do I set the footer to stay all the way in the bottom using Avada theme?
    and adding space between the content page and the menu bar/nav bar?

  5. Thanks Asad for a very good tutorial. I seem to have lost the code for the service 1, 2 and 3 content boxes with the read more button on the home page. Is there somewhere I can copy it please? I can’t read it off the screen unfortunately

  6. hi,
    how to change the header phone contact info color and size in avada theme

  7. Hi, thanks for the tutorial. Is it possible to make a one page Avada-website starting with a full screen background video? I don’t want to use a slider. Only a fullscreen background video.

  8. Absolutely awesome kick starter on my use of this theme. Well done.

  9. Wonderful video, I just have one question after I created the website that I want, how do we remove all demo templates easily so I dont have so much unnecessary wordpress files on my site. Or do you think I should just keep those pages?

  10. Why my revolution slider gives this error:
    “Revolution Slider Error: The param navigaion_type not found in slider params.”

  11. How would you set up a phone number upper right corner above the slider?

  12. hey I’m trying to achieve this kind of header in avada :
    Is it possible?

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