All In One SEO Plugin For WordPress Tutorial

All In One SEO Plugin For WordPress Tutorial

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In this tutorial, The Social Media Survival Guide author Deltina Hay, guides you through how to configure and maintain the All-in-One-SEO pack plugin for WordPress. SEO plugins are essential to getting good placement for a WordPress Website or blog.

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38 Replies to “All In One SEO Plugin For WordPress Tutorial”

  1. @Emilhuovinen It shouldn’t take more than a couple days. If you are still seeing the theme name, you should check the theme files for embedded metadata. The theme author may have placed some inside the theme itself.

  2. this was the best tutorial I’ve seen ever. I’m sorry i wasted my time with all the others! You are very good!!

  3. Hi there I did 3 posts so far and just installed the SEO all in one pack. I enabled it and put in all the necessary info. When I click on one of my posts and scroll down to the SEO pack I noticed that there wasn’t any info there so I typed up the info and I hit update. I went back to that post and scrolled down and my info was not there. Help!!

  4. The problem could be with your theme. Sometimes a theme will override plugins. You are probably better off going to the plugin or WordPress forums for answers, since someone else has probably experienced the same issue.

  5. Hi, I could do with some help understanding this plugin. When Google brings up results for my site it shows only the page title then the URL –

    bet365 Android App –

    But in the SEO plugin, it shows –

    bet365 Android App – Download the bet365 App for Android today!

    Its 63 characters long, is it too long?

    This only happens on about 80% of pages, the others show the full title, even though they are input the same. Thanks

  6. I am not sure why this would only happen for some of your posts. It is possible that Google has not crawled and updated those pages yet. If the title were to long, it would just be truncated. You may also want to check the plugin’s forums…

  7. Thanks, this is really good. My question is: does all of your info here still apply even after google’s newest updates?

  8. Yes, metadata is still important for every page and post you create, but you should supplement your search optimization efforts with semantic markup (using and social media optimization.

  9. GREAT video, Deltina – very informative
    I have a question, maybe you can help me with
    If you have the Homepage in multiple languages, how would you handle that?

    Thanks by advance,
    Make it a great day,

  10. I am not certain the best way to handle this, Olivier. You might want to check with the plugin homepage and forum. I am sure others have had this same issue…

  11. Deltina Hay Thanks! great vid! But if I use the All In One SEO what do i do with the Settings-(Site Title, Tagline) info, do I fill it out or leave it blank. Does google see the All in One and/or Settings Page. Deltina Hay they are all right in the comments YYYYOOOUUUR GREAT. Tony told me to say that.

  12. Yes, you want to still set you sites title and tagline in WordPress. When you choose to append the site title to your SEO title, it will show at the end, so make the main title short. Google will see the metadata that the plugin adds to each post.

  13. I did everything you showed in the video, but for some reason it wont come up when i type/copy words or sentences in google. Am I doing something wrong?

  14. RK, this is only the first step. Using the plugin and optimizing your content “improves” your chances of showing up in Google’s searches, it does not guarantee it. There is so much more to getting good rankings. Mostly, you want to create a lot of very good and relevant content, and optimize it along the way. I have a video in the WordPress tutorials playlist that shows you have to optimize your posts.

  15. Dear Deltina,
    Thanx fr such nice vid.

    My problem is, although I clicked the checkbox of Use Tags for Meta Keywords, My tags are not seen at the SEO Keywords colomn on the Posts page ?!

    Any idea why?

  16. Dear Deltina,
    Thnx fr yr quick response but I am confused ?!

    On the settings it says Use Tags for Meta Keywords which means I need to click that checkbox as you did on you vid (at 09′ 50”).

  17. Yes, click that box if you want to use the tags you enter for each post as the meta keywords. The keywords will be the same as the tags that already have their own column…

  18. Do your tags show in the “tags” column? If so, and that box is checked, the plugin is using the tags as your keywords. Did you view the source in a browser to confirm?

  19. Dear Deltina,
    When I view the source I see my tags as keywords no problem there, but I can not see them on my posts page (SEO KEYWORDS colomn) as I see on yr vid at 17′ 09″ .

  20. When you opt to use tags, there will be nothing in that column. Look in the “Tags” column for what the plugin is using as the keywords. You might want to go to the plugin website for more clarification.

  21. Dear Deltina,
    Now I realised that if you manuelly write keywords to the “Keywords (comma separated)” textbox it appears on that colomn. I got confused because on the vid. you mentioned that you prefer tags as keywords and when I see that SEO Keywords are fullfilled, I thought that they are coming from the tags.

    Anyway, I solve the problem.
    Thanks again for the great tutorial…

  22. I love the video. Ive been applying these things as well. how did you get started doing this stuff?

  23. Thanks Deltina, you cleared something I did not noticed about this plugin. I did a little checking while listening and made some changes. I appreciate it

  24. Thanks to all in one SEO plugin and I use this plugin for almost all my wordpress sites.

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