Adding Product Categories To Menus In WooCommerce And WordPress Tutorial

Adding Product Categories To Menus In WooCommerce And WordPress Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial to show one how to add product categories to menus in WooCommerce. Many WordPress themes are created to work this way as well, so this tutorial can also help someone working on a WordPress blog or five page website.

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30 Replies to “Adding Product Categories To Menus In WooCommerce And WordPress Tutorial”

  1. Brilliant tutorial, quick, to the point, showed me what to do and I was able to do it! Perfect. A big Thanks from the UK.

  2. hey when I was trying to View products under my category it is showing me 404 Not found but when I view only products without any category it shows me all products without any problem please help me Nina, 🙁

  3. Hello How to create several filters? I mean, there are 10 categories and 10 filters For example there are 2 categories: 1) Mobile phones and 2) Laptops. How to make it possible that each of these categories had it’s own filters?

  4. Thank you for this great tutorial – I finally learned how to make my product categories visible under the shop. Now I just need to figure out how you put in that category menu on the left side – do you also have a tutorial for that?

  5. Thanks
    how i can add the produits in home page plz ? when i everone open to my website

  6. Super tutorials Nina !
    Just found them while working on my online shop !
    All the best from Bucharest – Romania


    Watch, Like & Share!!!


  8. Just starting a website of my own.
    What theme have you used in this tutorial?

  9. this was most helpful thank you, I have been able to get my categories done but I am using the wootique scheme with comes with a wide sidebar, I have been able to remove this from all pages but it still shows when I click on a category, can you help with that please?

  10. Great information. Helped tremendously. Thank you!

  11. The easy way to add product categories to menus:
    – press screen option
    – choose what’s show in list
    -> great and fastest

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