Adding Code To Function.php In WordPress

Adding Code To Function.php In WordPress

This video will show you where to go to add code to your functions.php file.


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  3. It worked! The last time I tried to edit my functions file everything crashed! Thanks so much for making this video.

  4. great tutorial, cause i’m beginner it gives me some pain for find my way in wordpress world, thanks for your effort to explain the trick 🙂

  5. Thank you. Often the instructions come as if you already have a wealth of knowledge of WordPress and HTML, so when you ask for clarification, you get attitude. Personally, the field should be blank to start with. I’m amazed at some of the contortions required for the simplest of features.

  6. Using pique theme in WP, I added “ add_filter(‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’); “ to functions.php and it crashed the site.. the confusing thing is however that even when I delete that line the site doesn’t go back to how it was, I have to delete and reinstall the theme

  7. Child Theme has her own CSS file. However, all the other PHP files are in the Parent Theme. To look at the content of those files: Change Child Theme to Parent Theme. DO NOT make changes in the Parent Theme – They are lost during updates. Make changes only in Child Theme.

  8. Why does everyone still think you have to add WWW in front of a domain? Another thing is people specify that their site name is not case sensitive. Really? Good video though.

  9. I hope you get a cramp in your fucking vagina you bitch!!! I literally have to do my whole website over again because of adding this code, crashing my fucking website!!!

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