Adding A Contact Form With Fast Secure Contact Form For WordPress

Adding A Contact Form With Fast Secure Contact Form For WordPress

In this WordPress Tutorial, I will demonstrate how to add a contact form to your website with the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin. More tutorials on our site here:

Table of contents:

Installing the plugin: 1:00
Setting Up the Form: 2:25
Adding and editing fields: 3:20
Adding the form to a page: 4:45
Recommended adjustments to settings: 5:30

Search “Fast Secure Contact Form” or download here:


25 Replies to “Adding A Contact Form With Fast Secure Contact Form For WordPress”

  1. Great video. Im trying to use Fast Secure Contact Form but all of my text field boxes are invisible. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

  2. Thank you! Your video helped me SO MUCH tonight! I’ve subscribed to your channel, too. I learned something pretty cool tonight! Thanks again!!

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I´ve tried it but the messege won´t get to my email account. Do you know why?

  4. Thank you so much for this tutorial. For people with the comments below that says they don’t receive the email, maybe you’re missing a step. It works great for me. I check and I do receive the email. Rewatch the tutorial again.

  5. Hello, I don’t see the plug in option in my word press admin page. Is this because I am using the free version?

  6. Hi
    I’m trying to alter the appearance of my form by changing the values in the style tab but it won’t work. Do you know what might be going wrong? Thanks

  7. Thank you for a good form and an excellent tutorial. I do have a question. I am trying to center my form on my page and I can’t find out the setting to change.

  8. Hi, how do I get the form to show the contact details. For example my number address email etc. Cheers

  9. Thank you for the help.
    How can I see the people who have signed up in the form ?
    Is it possible to export it as an excel sheet ?

  10. #Help , What this mean ?

    Warning: Your web host has the mail() function disabled. PHP cannot send email. Have them fix it. Or you can install the “WP Mail SMTP” plugin and configure it to use SMTP.

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