Adding A Blog To An Existing Business Website! (WordPress)

Adding A Blog To An Existing Business Website! (WordPress)

Learn How to Add a Blog to Your Business Website – this tutorial is specifically for starting a blog on an existing WordPress website!

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11 Replies to “Adding A Blog To An Existing Business Website! (WordPress)”

  1. will it be over burden if we place blog in the business website having more than 2500 pages?

  2. Everything went fine until I tried to add the Blog to the menu bar….the whole list is inactive, no matter what I added, or what section I looked at, it was in a faded print and never became active to enable me to save…..Grrr! I had to go back and delete everything!

  3. Hi guys, great video. I have done everything right but I still can not get the page name “Blog” onto the top of my website. The website has 10 pages already is that the reason? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you and happy new year. Damien

  4. This was perfect thank you – I watched loads of videos trying to get my head around this before I found yours – and this is by far the easiest to follow and I’m blogging!

  5. What happens if the post is still not showing up on the Blog page on my website? it shows up on the home page but not the blog page.

  6. Is there a way to temporarily suspend the blog from sending an email to those that have subscribed to our blog.

  7. Thank you for posting this. I’ve just stumbled across the idea for a blog as a means to get more traffic and income via my busniess’s website and this video has proven very helpful.

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