Add Pictures To WordPress Page – Step By Step

Add Pictures To WordPress Page – Step By Step

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This video is an overview of adding pictures to your WordPress pages including uploading images, resizing, aligning, and more. If you have any questions after watching the video, please leave a comment.

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19 Replies to “Add Pictures To WordPress Page – Step By Step”

  1. At first I really don’t know any idea about wordpress. After I watch this video, I successfully updated my client’s website today. Thanks to you RYan. That was clear instruction and a great help.

  2. I put my curser where I want the picture, then click on the media box. NOTHING HAPPENS. What is going wrong?

  3. Ryan  I was having problems uploading media and I saw a YouTube video on a suggested fix. It said to change upload path in settings which I did and now I have lost my four sliders on my home page. What should the upload path in settings be directed to or say? Not sure how to word question? I now have public.html/sites/charlestownagainstdrugs/wp-content/uploads-new
    Leo B.

  4. This video is so helpful! I’m just beginning to learn wordpress, and needed to make a new page from scratch. With your videos, I was able to complete a nice, professional-looking page quickly.

  5. cant find the edit image button – even if i click on image – it does not show?

  6. Ryan:  I can’t tell you how difficult it was for me to get a simple explanation as to how to upload images.   After getting responses telling me that it was a “developer” question and staring at the screen for several days with intermittent sub par descriptions thrown in, I finally figured it out for myself. Then I very apprehensively posed another question:   How do you put the pix in some kind of order?   Same ol’ same ol’. Referred to yet another inadequate tutorial.   I was just about to give up when I figured that one more cruise around YouTube couldn’t hurt.  And I found your video.  Thank you so much.   I’m sure this is going to be a big help.   Thanks for using the “click here”  “point there”  approach.  You could probably make a million bucks writing out a step-by-step method such as this one.. Although I’ve seen the expression ” step-by-step”  in the tutorial advertising,  yours is the first one I’ve seen.  Haven’t found one anywhere else.   Thank you.

  7. Thank you for an excellent tutorial video. However, when I insert into page the square box crops the image. Do you know how I can correct this problem?

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