Add Image Slider In WordPress Header

Add Image Slider In WordPress Header

Learn how to display an image slider in any WordPress theme’s header area. I show you using Twenty Twelve, Twenty Eleven & the Genesis theme framework.


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  1. but the genesis you are emphazing can not be installed on any wordpress version or can it it still work without having to install genesis simple hook

  2. Many of us watch tutorials to learn how do things… this whole video you continue to say here it is I already done this… you skip all over the place from screen to screen… very hard to follow…

  3. i have a problem on my blog about this easing slider it appears in all my pages but i want it only on my Blog(Home) page. does this tutorial works in any wp themes? btw im using activello theme . and im having a problem how to fix it please help me thanks.

  4. Hello, 2016 and still helpful! I was able to successfully instal this plug in on my premium theme, but I am having one issue. My slider is appearing on all of my pages. I referred to some previous comments but I do not have a “home page” tab build in the the is_home() doesn’t seem to be working for me. Should it still wok or do I have to input a different code? Or could it be I am putting it into the wrong place? Please help, thank you!

  5. hallo Brad
    thank you for your tutorial
    I’ve been make my own theme and I try to use this slider
    but I cant set the width of the slider, I cant find the setting page on my dashboard
    I also try to edit the js files and the css, but it doesn’t makes any sense
    I hope u can help me

  6. Rio de Janeiro hahaha the place I live in!! 😀 Wonderful video man!!

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